HICLING - Innovation Path

HICLING - Company


To be the global leader in health-oriented wearable market for consumers and businesses.


Our vision is to help people build up healthy lifestyles by providing solutions that deeply root in health-oriented wearable technology. We will provide unprecedented value to our customers - making it obvious to anyone familiar with HiCling, that our products make peoples’ lives better.


Everyday people who is looking for a healthy lifestyle - solutions or motivations - devices or service, will see value in HiCling such that our products and services become a crucial and integral part of the daily life.

HICLING - Technology

Company Background & Leadership

HiCling is a Shanghai-based, China corporation rooted in the following technologies:

wireless health and medical device, body sensing technology, human activity detection and recognition, vital signal acquisition and tracking, mass-scale health data mining technology, high-yield + low-cost manufacturing, mass-scale social networking.

HiCling was founded by people with successful track records in Silicon-valley, California, in consumer and business-grade medical health, GPS, multi-media solutions. Products and services comprising these solutions have touched many millions of people in homes and business all over the world. HiCling’s leadership and workforce possess a wealth of experience from past duty at market leading signal processing technology, sensor technology, health solutions, products and networking.


HiCling Technology markets its solutions to the following customer segments:

▶Business End-Users

By providing customized wearable device and data system, business end-users can aggressively target human-resources management and company wide health monitoring. Business end-users incorporating cloud-based wearable devices and services can largely improve human-resources management efficiency and provide premium health plan and benefits. By customizing device with various sensors and ID chips, business end-users can greatly reduce the operation cost and create a safer working environment.。

▶Consumer End-Users

By the millions, end-users are flocking to health-oriented wearable device and solutions. Equipped with 24/7 always-on body sensing devices, consumer end-users will be able to clearly monitor their own health status and communicate and share in real-time with friends, family and the whole HiCling community. HiCling products that are easy-to-use, high quality inside out, systematically health analysis, motivative paradigms will be adopted quickly and in high-volume. The ability to layer activity and vital tracking and analysis and offer new products presents a multitude of opportunities to expand this market.



Xuanhao Zhang

Sr. Director of Manufacturing

Supplier Chain . Manufacturing

Hi-P International Design Manager

6 Sigma

16+ years of experience in EMS

Xinlong Zhang

Director of Mechanics

Product Design

GenturaDx Biotech Manager

16+ years of product design in the field of

medical, mobile, and wearables

Yingying Gao

Creative Director

ID . Visual

Publicis Groupe Director

16+ Years visual design experience

in France,

graduate in design of interface

from University Paris XIII

Qingwen Zhang

Director of Platform

System . Algorithms

CETC No. 58 Institute Director

16+ years signal processing experience,

graduate with a M.Sc

from Zhejiang University

Zhisong Lin

Director of Software

Software . Applications

Centrality (US) Director of software,

18+ years of experience in software design

B.Sc from Zhejiang University


Terry Luo

VP Sales

Sales . Marketing

Singapore Homesuccess Sales Manager,

15+ years of sales experience,

graduate with B.A from

Singapore Institute of Technology

Guangliang Deng

Operation Director

Projects . Operations

General manager of Dare-global,

delivered tens of millions of ADSL devices,

graduate with a B.Sc

from Zhejiang University


Dr. Richard Chen

CEO & Founder

Huaxiong Huang

Chief Operation Officer

Operation . Finance

General Manager in Yunliang Group,

25+ years of experience in investment,

real estate, hi-tech company management

Shanghai JiaoTong University EMBA

HICLING - CEO & Founder

陈越猛博士Dr. Yue Meng (Richard) Chen is the Founder and CEO of Hicling Inc,a start-up based in San Jose,California. HiCling Technology, a consumer health technology start-up. He received the Ph.D. degree and M.A.Sc in School of Engineering Science from the Simon Fraser University (SFU), Vancouver, Canada. He received the B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the Zhejiang University. He was nominated as the most inspiring graduate student of SFU's Department of Engineering over the past 50 years in 2015.

During his doctoral program, Dr. Chen was awarded the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Doctoral Scholarship. With four US patents and eleven China patents to his name and now the second year into his fourth start-ups, Dr. Chen is well on his way to joining the telephone pioneer's impressive track record of technological innovation and engineering.

"I love to create stuff for everyday people and see the immediate impact of my work...they are small steps but I feel like I am changing the world with each project."

Dr. Chen's current challenge: to creating China°Os most all-encompassing and integrated health management device. The Cling tracks and analyzes exercise, sleep patterns, skin temperature, and heart rate data. This information is then used to produce behavioral recommendations based on the user's stated health goals.

"Peoples in Shanghai are so busy, their lives fragmented. They might feel unhealthy but don't have the time to figure out how to get better. This device is about coaching them to lead a healthier life."

Though the company is barely two years old, Dr. Chen has already raised 4.5 million dollars US for their product and successfully released the first generation of their product.

Always eager to develop new and not yet imagined products, it's no surprise that Chen's previous experience working in and around Silicon Valley includes designing one of the first car geographic positioning systems chips (Centrality Comm., 300 million USD acquisition), a box that could be plugged into analog phones to enable them to make calls for free (Obihai Tech., top ranking on Amazon VoIP devices) and a gaming system which aimed to improve gamer°Os health and fitness by requiring players to do a certain amount of exercise before they could access the console (Striiv, million users world wide).

After decades of constant drive to design in Silicon Valley, Dr. Chen returned home to Shanghai and gathered his classmates and friends to found HiCling Tech, and aimed to take wearable technology to a new level.

"After decades of design experience in the valley and Ph.D. research in SFU, I could see things in a deep way, foundational way that I can apply to different fields. Any project I am working on it might look different but the fundamentals do not change."

One thing's for certain, no matter what country or field he's working in, Dr. Chen and his team will keep making tools to make people's lives better.